Our mission is to always behave and act according to our values, deliver what we promise and pursue our vision.



We can describe ourselves as can-do spirited, challenge-loving and solution-oriented people proud of what we do while trying to maintain a sense of fun in everything. Nobody said manufacturing has to be boring.


It is easy to work with us and to establish a dialogue during the whole process; we offer solutions and take care of the project from start to finish. That leaves our customers with less stress and more time to devote to other tasks. Flexibility and openness to changes is part of our culture which allow us to give quick responses and manage complicated projects in a short period of time.


Our management is efficiently involved in every process inside the company: setting, sharing and living our vision and values, promoting legal and ethical behavior, creating a safe learning and working environment; as well as communicating with employees and customers. We are challenging our employees daily, through trainings and delegation of new and exciting responsibilities. Our corporate structure is flat which gives us the opportunity to respond quickly to changes, given that everything is visible and lead with integrity and according to ethics. We are operating under the HSE model and QMS according to ISO 9001:2008.